New protocols

  • Edge
  • MARS
  • Nebula
  • Suberra

Changes to protocols

  • Anchor: added bAtom
  • Astroport: added xASTRO
  • Kujira: added bAtom
  • Nexus: added nAVAX, cnETH und cnLuna to wallet
  • Stader: adapted SD Vesting section
  • Valkyrie: show Valkyrian Pass (VP) rewards for governance staking

New pools/staking/vaults

  • Astroport: added new pools/staking
  • Loop: added pools/farms
  • Nexus: added wasAVAX vault
  • Terra Swap: added new pools

New features

  • Added a link to each protocol (click on protocol icon to open protocol website)
  • Added a configurable “high yield” filter (labeled “Show high yield only”)
  • Added a configurable threshold for the hide small balances filter
  • Show TNS domain name instead of wallet address (if exists)
  • Show summary of small balances for each protocol when user selects hide small balances

Additional wallet support

  • Hardware wallet integration
  • Falcon wallet





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